Spotlight on: Seo In Young – Embraced By You

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Song name: Embraced By You

Artist: Seo In Young

Released: 02/06/2016

Label: Star Empire

EP/LP Name: Welcome


The song

As long time followers of the site will know, I am not a big ballad track fan. Be it a traditional ballad or an R&B ballad, it probably won’t be to my tastes. So certainly don’t take it personally if I lack my usual enthusiasm – that is by no means a criticism of the song, which is beautiful.

Seo In Young has a strong, clear voice that lacks the nasally quality that a lot of artists in Korea seem to aspire to. Well, almost. It creeps in on non-belted high notes, but only to the extent that someone who dislikes it as much as me would notice. The song is uplifting and ethereal and Seo In Young’s strong (rather than wispy) voice accents it perfectly and prevents it becoming completely forgettable background music.

Seo In Young has been in the industry longer than some of the students I teach have been alive and it shows in the maturity of her voice. This is the voice of someone singing well, rather than singing to trend.

The video

The video is standard fayre for a song like this. Although, as many YouTube commenters have noted, it is nice to see a video with a positive message the whole way through, with no sudden twist abusive/cheating boyfriend drama mid-way through. Perhaps it is Seo In Young’s maturity showing through and perhaps it is naivety that opens the door to drama rather than the pain of experience.


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