Spotlight on: Seventeen – Very Nice


Song name: Very Nice

Artist: Seventeen

Released: 03/07/2016

Label: Pledis

EP/LP Name: Nice


The song

The song feels like a real return to ‘Mansae’ for me, which I hope was a natural thing rather than fan pressure as I was looking forward to a new boy group who experimented with sounds. Particularly a group like seventeen who are so involved in their own production. I like the chorus a lot, the raps were a let down for me, they weren’t bad but I feel the rap line in this group can do better!

The song is a good outing, stuck in my head and I am sure will make seventeen fans happy, It does already have me looking forward to see what is happening next.

The video

The video does the group justice, showcasing the choreography relatively well which is a smart move for Seventeen. It’s not going to be winning any innovation awrds with the typical hyperactive boy group theme but I think by this point we have established that the summer is not a hotbed of innovation.

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