Spotlight on: Sistar – Touch my body (Music core – 02/08/2014)

Lyrics can be found HERE

Song Name: Touch my body

Artist: Sistar

Performance and date: Music core – 02/08/2014

Label: Starship

EP/LP name: Touch and move


The Singing

The singing is fine, although certainly not as live as Music core would like to have us believe.

Unfortunately much of it is dominated by Hyorin’s broken voice and over the top vocal runs.

The Dancing/stage show

The dance is ridiculous. It looks like a dog shaking its leg. On top of that Hyorin is one of Kpop’s most awkward dancers but the camera man INSISTS on focusing in on her, possibly because she sings the vast majority of the song.

The outfits are fine although i feel sorry for Hyorin because they never dress her in clothes that would suit her figure, the pan of blank unexcited looking faces straight after the performance, while not Sistars fault doesn’t help this performance much.

All in all an O.K. outing but we should really expect more from such an established group, thankfully their next release, I swear, was much stronger.

Other perfomances of this song.

Music core – 26/07/2014

StarshipTV – Acoustic version

Mel0n showcase

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