Spotlight on: Sistar19 – Ma Boy

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Song Name: Ma Boy

Artist: Sistar19 (Sub-unit of Sistar Hyorin and Bora)

Released: 5th May 2011

LabelStarship Entertainment

EP/LP name: N/A

Other interesting Info:

  • Sistar19 are the first official sub-unit of Sistar and consist of Hyorin and Bora.


The song

The beat is really good – the moment it starts, you want to start rolling your shoulders. Usually quality of English doesn’t bother me, that’s not why I listen  to Kpop but in this song the slightly ‘Engrishy’ pronunciation grates a little. Maybe because they are projecting quite a confident attitude? I like the singing bits a lot, very catchy and danceable. Honestly, the rap does nothing for me though and has a bit of a whiny/squeaky tone to it that for me does not work in rap.

The video

The video is fun,  looks like they were going for a typical rap song/ hip hop video style and it works. The ‘plot’ based scenes seem a little pointless, but hey maybe that’s just because I don’t speak Korean well.

The girls generally look amazing, although the black and white harlequin style body suit is incredibly unflattering. The dance is cute and easily repeated, although I’m unsold on the need to repeat so many body rolls.

There are apparently cars in some parts of the video, I didn’t notice I was too busy watching the girls move. They are definitely charismatic!

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