Spotlight on: SNSD – Flower power

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Flower power

Artist: SNSD

Released: 31st October 2012

Label: SM Entertainment

EP/LP name: Love and girls

Other interesting Info:

  • This song is one of SNSD’s Japanese songs.


The song

SNSD seem  to save the cute stuff for at home and release some solid dance pop tunes in Japanese and this track is no exception. A catchy chorus, heavy beat and playing on all the girls different voices make Flower power a great song to share with non-Kpop fans too.

The video

The video is SNSD dancing in a box. SM obviously know this works for these girls and if it ain’t broke why fix it? The red and black outfits I find super sexy, proof that you can be sexy and fully clothed. The light room outfits are  a bit weird and sort of have  a Phoenix Wright air hostess feel to them, as well as the light on light making them look very washed out and, in some cases, borderline invisible against the white walls.

I love the dance not just being 9 girls in a line dancing in sync, even if some fans didn’t.

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Like the song or hate it?

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