Spotlight on: Taemin – Danger

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Danger

Artist: Taemin

Released: 15th August 2014

Label: SM

EP/LP name: ACE

Other interesting Info:

  • Taemin is Maknae (youngest) and main dancer in boy group SHINee.


The song

The song has a very elctrofeel, right down the effects applied to Taemins voice. It has a nice simple rhythm and is super catchy even for non-Korean speakers.

As with most electro-pop part of that catchiness is due to heavy use of repetition. This happen both with repetition of singles sounds within a line and the repetition of a bridge and chorus making up the bulk of the song.

The song builds up through verses to an anthemic chorus, as well as generally building up from beginning to end of the song.

Taemins voice is  certainly nothing special (here at least) but that isn’t the selling point of a song like this, the rhythm and build up allow SM to use Taemin’s big selling point, his dancing, to good affect.

I really did want to hate this song, just because I find SHINee a bit cringey to like, unfortunately I have failed. It’s catchy you can dance around like a fool to it and it’s firmly in my brain now.

The video

I love how dance focused the video, and Taemin certainly commands that. The outfits are good, and match the ‘Danger’ title without being too on the nose.

The dancing is awesome, I love ever so slightly disjointed dances like this, I think they really engage the viewer as your brain processes what happened against your expectation. Good call SM!

Things I don’t like however:

Taemin’s Hideous ear to nose chain

The skateboard…He’s not twelve and it doesn’t match the song.

Mesh vests. I shouldn’t need to explain this.

Songs like this

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Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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