Spotlight on: Taeyeon – Why

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Song name: Why

Artist: Taeyeon

Released: 27/06/2016

Label: SM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Why


The song

The song has a lovely R&B side of pop feel to it.  The summer tracks are definitely in full swing and I love these more muted Summer tracks, the song build up in pace wonderfully and Taeyeon is in full force singing in here own voice. A little too much warbling for my taste in places but a catchy summer song with just enough of a dance beat to make it into party playlists over the summer.

In the west this type of song is standard chart fare, and as such probably harks some familiarity for international fans nonetheless it’s a perfectly timed release for this type of sound and another arrow in Taeyeon’s quiver.

The video

Gone are the days of the SM box set it would seem, the dawn of the ‘look how quirky and free-spirited I am’ video is here. This is a pretty standard ‘look at me, I’m fun’ video but Taeyeon looks great, at times breath-taking, and as comparatively new territory for SM it doesn’t seem stale yet.

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