Spotlight on: Tahiti – I Want To Know Your Mind

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Song name: I Want To Know Your Mind (알쏭달쏭)

Artist: Tahiti

Released: 23rd May 2016

Label: Jline

EP/LP Name: I Want To Know Your Mind (알쏭달쏭)


The song

I Want To Know Your Mind is even more Eurodance-like than Tahiti’s last offering. A heavy synth beat, “na na na”s and random male voice count-in are straight from the shores of Ibiza. That isn’t a terrible thing for me, but certainly seems to herald a full move for Tahiti from competing on the idol market to competing with the ‘club groups’.

Most of these groups are dancers who release a song or two as a ‘new girl group’ and we never hear from again. I certainly hope that with Tahiti approaching from the other side (as it were) that we will hear from them again and this move is about making Tahiti sustainable. The song uses breathy vocals and heavy synth beats to create a summer clubbing feel that will no doubt appeal to the dance market. That being said, Nine Muses’ ‘Hurt Locker’ and Hello Venus’ ‘I’m Ill’ are proof this sound is not a widespread hit with a large chunk of the Kpop community.

There are some refreshing moments where the Kpop shines through on the track, despite the dance heavy chorus and there are some cute voices in the group.

The video

Boat? Check. Hip rocking dance move? Check. Bikinis? Check. Yup, we have all the ingredients for a summer club hit here! The dance is simple and upbeat, as we are used to from Tahiti. The styling just screams summer hit and there are some scenes cut in throughout that are very typically Kpop, suggesting the girls haven’t completely gone over to the dance side.

Honestly, for a summer beach bop I feel they could have laid off the paper white BB cream! I’m pretty pale myself, but some of it looks so bad in this video that it is actually distracting. The individual scenes, whilst very KPop, occasionally feel a little jarring against the rest of the video.


Overall, a fun, simple video based on a tried and tested concept with a song that is catchy and well suited to the season. A solid, if simple, offering.


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