Spotlight on: The East Light – I Got You

Song Name: I Got You

Artist: The East Light

Released: 26/07/2017

Label: Medialine Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Six Senses


The song

Is cute, fresh and plays on the young voices. The singers are not astonishing but they are capable and the song plays to that.  It’s a good summer song that leans heavily on the ‘aww factor’ and this would be fine except that some of the boys are little on the old side for something this, well, babyish. Put into perspective… The oldest members are older than most of Nu’est were when they released FACE. It’s not a bad song, but it feels too gimmicky to be truly a summer jam.

The video

Is bright and fun but suffers from a lot of the same problems as the song does. I feel like the video accentuates the ‘not-quite-rightness’ of the song and undermines the talent of these lads who undoubtedly are a talented bunch of musicians and performers and are being made to perform like a typical idol group in a way that just seems jilted. All-in-all I’m not a fan of this one but eagerly await where these boys go next.

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