Spotlight on: The Jackal Is Coming

Sasaeng fans and hitwomen. Sounds like a normal week for a Hallyu star.


Bae Hyoung Jun


Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong, Oh Dal Soo

Release date

15th November 2012 (2013-11-06) (South Korea)


Choi Hyun (Kim Jae Joong) is a huge Hallyu star who’s ex hires bungling assassin Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo) to kill him. Or so it seems.

Later a sasaeng fan gets her mitts on  Choi Hyun  and Bong Min Jung saves him. We then meet Angela, who gets stabbed by Bong Min Jung. Keeping up? Good!

A serial killer called “Jackal” appears, Choi Hyun  gets knocked unconscious and a fight ensues. It is revealed that Bong Min Jung  is the “Jackal” and the serial killer was just using her alias. Oh and Angela was her real target all along and Choi Hyun was just bait. Confused? I know I am.

So the fake “Jackal” is killed and Choi Hyun regains consciousness. The real “Jackal” lets him live.

Bong Min Jung collects her pay and tries to leave the country but Choi Hyun  threatens to expose her and we end on her saying she will kill him.

My Thoughts

The film itself was quite funny, there were rather a lot of twists though. It got to the point where NOT having a plot twist could have been a twist! The characters were well acted and the hotelier had me in fits of giggles with his charging policy. The jokes translate well – it would seem sex jokes and people falling over are funny in any language.

The scenes of Min Jung trying to ‘identify’ Choi Hyun had me in fits. I wish I could say it didn’t paint a plausible picture of sasaeng fans… but sadly some of them ARE this crazy!

All in all, not a film I’m likely to watch again, but  I don’t feel like an evening was wasted watching it!


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