Spotlight on: Thunder – Sign


Song name: Sign

Artist: Thunder (Featuring Goo Hara)

Released: 09/10/2016

Label: Mystic Ent.

EP/LP Name: Thunder


The song

I am pleasantly surprised with the song. I was never an MBLAQ fan so I wasn’t expecting to like this but it’s upbeat, funk-inspired dance pop at it’s best. Even with limited Korean it is difficult not to find yourself singing along and is equally hard to not move to. complete with funk ‘ahs’ Thunder fulfills the pop prince role surprisingly well and Goo Hara’s voice provides a soft contrast to Thunders vocal.

Neither song is testing the vocal talents of the two involved, and I respect that. The sound is one I am particularly fond of in pop music, although i do worry that it might be the tail end of it being on-trend right now.

The video

I LOVE this video! It’s playful, fun and matches the song so well. The young lady starring alongside Thunder does an incredible job and is gripping to watch. I love the ‘grimy’ bright colour scheme and the bizarre computer game type scenario he finds himself in that takes this from being just another ‘nervous boy meets girl video.’ to something more interesting.

Best moment for me, the dance part where she puts her hand in front of his crotch. I have been  in the Kpop black hole for so long now I was borderline scandalised.

The icing on the cake really is Dara’s cheeky little cameo at the end. I am a bit concerned about the person who wanted this to be Thunder featuring Dara… I hope they realise they are related and for this song it would be a little creepy…


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