Spotlight on: TVXQ! – Mirotic

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Song Name: Mirotic

Artist: TVXQ!

Released:  26th September  2008

Label: SM entertainment

EP/LP name: Mirotic

Other interesting Info:

  • Since 2010 TVXQ! have been a  duo following lengthy legal issues relating to the group.


The song

Mirotic doesn’t really hugely appeal to my tastes, It’s a soulful pop boyband song, with a vslightly jarring rhythm to the lines. It’s catchy and it’s pleasant to listen to, but for dance pop fans like me can be a little ‘meh’.

The video

Topless men and crazy voodooesque ladies, this video has it all. The guys really ooze sexuality and it was probably the first time I had seen very masculine men  in Kpop.

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