Spotlight on: Twice – Cheer Up

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Song name: Cheer Up

Artist: Twice

Released: 25th April 2016

Label: JYP Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Page 2


The song

‘Cheer Up’ Is a great kick of to the summer song sound. Lead by a heavy beat that is both upbeat and in-your-face ‘Cheer Up’ showcases the girls talents a lot better than ‘Ohh-Ahh’ did. The song dives straight in with it’s catchy and upbrupt lines. Mina really owns this comeback with a reasonable line distribution and great ownership of it.

Sana might have got recognition for her pronunciation of ‘Shy, Shy, Shy’ but her commitment to the character she is playing vocally is wonderfully and her sense of theatre is clearly there.

The song plays with disjointed elements that may not be to everyone’s taste but are something I particularly enjoy in pop music, particularly if done well.


The video

I love the video to this so much, the girls portraying these different film archetypes is a great way to spice up a generic choreography style video. Stand outs for me included the Incredible performance of Dahyun in her historical clothes, she looks so composed, Tzuyu managing to make a relatively small part stand out and Sana’s bubbly over enthusiasm.

Momo takes badassery in her stride with her scenes and Mina continues to own the concept, clearly comfortable working in front of a camera. If I had to pick one girl as a stand out for this concept it  would, without a doubt, be Mina. Be it luck of the line distribution and characterisation or talent Mina stands out both vocally and performance wise and to top it off, her styling is on point.

This is an incredibly strong pop track, rookie or otherwise, but so many people are down it saying the girls don’t deserve the success they are getting. I disagree, I think this song shows a quality of pop music that is often missed by acts in their hurry to keep in the fans eyes and I only hope it can continue for the girls.


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