Spotlight on: UP10TION -Tonight


Song name: Tonight

Artist: UP10TION

Released: 04/08/2016

Label: Top Media

EP/LP Name: Tonight

The song

It’s upbeat summer boybandness through and through. It couldn’t feel more different from their debut track for me but is certainly playing to the right crowd. While I can’t quite bring myself to say I like the song I also can’t lie and say I won’t be playing it at every summer party this year. This year being the operative point as I’m not sure the song will have the staying power beyond that, but I guess for them it doesn’t need to.

The video

Ahh It’s truly summer as we have another ‘frolic in the sun’ video while I sit paying that we haven’t had all our quota of sun for the year already. Look at them all doing summer things, in the summer, looking happy with their totally sunbleached and not from a bottle hair. OK, So i’m being mean it’s a perfectly well executed summer video with lots of gif-able moments for fans. Basically it does what it says on the tin to a high standard and is actually one of the better music videos recently. Summer seems to make people lazy with their music videos.

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