Spotlight on: VIXX – Fantasy


Song name: Fantasy

Artist: VIXX

Released: 14/08/2016

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Hades


The song

The song has a grandiose feel that at times over steps the pop mark and would possibly concern me from any group except VIXX. These guys can pull of the more textured, slightly operatic feel due in part to their talent and in another measure due to their experiences. This song really does feel like an evolution of VIXX and you are hearing what years of experimenting with strong sounds can lead to.

As is often the case with VIXX, I find Ravi’s segments jarring although this can, to some degree, be chalked up to the fact I am not a big fan of the tone of his voice… something he can’t really do anything about.

The simple piano intro is haunting and truly sets the tone of the music that is to come. Whether this is a bit too much musically for the mainstream pop scene remains to be seen.

The video

Is a dark continuation of the ‘story’ from the last of VIXX’s Release although avoids many of the ‘dark’ and ‘horror’ tropes that they used during their earlier days. This is a more refined type of dark with a more artistic than fantasy feel. VIXX always impress with their dancing and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve for demonstrating solid, working, dancing with every comeback.

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