Spotlight on: Wanna.B – Why


Song name: Why

Artist: Wanna.B

Released: 04/07/2016

Label: Zenith Media

EP/LP Name: Why


The song

The song, is in my opinion, a massive step up for the girls. I have loved Wanna.B’s previous stuff but this is something a lot more suitable for the mainstream and hopefully that will elevate the girls status a bit. The rap break is not my favourite part of the song although no more jarring than in many K-Pop songs. The chorus is crazily catchy and I’m finding it impossible to get out of my head.

The video

I love the video, I know lots of people are comparing it to Mamamoo’s video and I just don’t think it is similar enough for that. Lots of Kpop videos use the same sets as each other and neither concept was unique. I love that Wanna.B have maintained the ‘uniformed’ theme that have been associated with and the girls look great! The dance is brilliant…Kind of silly but not all at the same time and I love that playfulness.


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