Spotlight on: Weki Meki – I don’t like your girlfriend

Song Name: I don’t like your girlfriend

Artist: Weki Meki

Released: 08/08/2017

Label: Fantagio Music

EP/LP Name: WeMe


The song

I am well aware that this song debuted to a lukewarm response and of course that would mean that I love it. I seem to be a curse to kpop groups, if I adore your song others will hate it greatly. I like anthemic and upbeat and this song really has that working for it. It is a highly repetitive piece of music so if repetition is your musical pet peeve is the repetitive nature of pop music then this won’t be the song for you.

In fact, I can’t help but wonder if it is the simplicity of the song that offends. Kpop fans can be rabid for a vocal challenge and novel structures (oddly enough not pop music’s most identifying features) and this song simply won’t deliver those. It’s a simple, upbeat catchy song with a chant-like melody. I have seen the phrase ‘teen crush’ in context of the concept for this group/song and it does seem apt.

After multiple listens I will admit the song started to develop a bit of a ‘busy’ sound and I imagine for many that loudness can wear thin very quickly.

The video

Is colourful and fun, definitely following that ‘teen crush’ concept well. The girls look amazing and both age-appropriate for themselves AND their fans. The choreo is harder than it looks but the group make it look effortless. The IOI girls are heavily featured, but that is hardly a surprise… it will be more interesting to see if Weki Meki manage to transition beyond that or struggle to break free from being born from the ashes of IOI.

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