Spotlight on: Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely


Song name: Why So Lonely

Artist: Wonder Girls

Released: 04/07/2016

Label: JYP Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Why So Lonely


The song

So Reggae is definitely this summers trend now and I am glad to see the Wonder Girls being so successful with it. The girls, as ever, sound great and I am glad to see them still going for the band thing. Yubin was a stand out for me in this track as she really surprised me, I think the reggae sound really suits her vocal tone and it’s amazing.

The video

Is wonderful, trust the¬†Wonder Girls¬†to create a video that matches the musical style perfectly. I love the storytelling with mannequins its entertaining and stops the video becoming too dark. The girls look stunning as ever, and effortless, with the exception of Yubin’s fringe (I am not a fan of short fringes they always make me think you let your infant cousin chop at your hair.) The lighting in the video is amazing, if you haven’t paid attention to it, do it now…seriously the lighting is art in itself.

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