Spotlight on: You’re All Surrounded

Hangul: 너희들은 포위됐다

Other names: We Have You Surrounded

Star rating (out of 5):


Genre: Action, Comedy

Starring: Lee Seung Gi (Eun Dae Gu), Cha Seung Won (Seo Pan Seok), Go Ara (Eo Soo Sun), Ahn Jae Hyun (Park Tae Il), Park Jung Min (Ji Gook), Oh Yoon Ah (Kim Sa Kyung), and Sung Ji Ru (Lee Eung Do).

Channel: SBS

Number of episodes: 20

Episode length: 60 Mins

Recommended to: Lovers of comedy, hidden identity dramas, first drama viewers, people who don’t like traditional style K-Dramas.

NOT recommended to: Happy-go-lucky style drama lovers, people who like serious and comedy to be separate.

Plot outline

You’re All Surrounded follows the story of four young, rookie detectives who have found themselves rapidly promoted to their position due to an attempt to clear up corruption in the force. The idea is they can’t be a part of the corruption yet, so are a fresh start for the force. Their lead-officer is not happy at having to ‘babysit’ them and there is an episodic structure, with each episode following a case (or sometimes two) that they are involved in. Some cases have comedic value and some carry weighty messages, but the show never feels down for long.

On top of the episodic plots, there is an over-arching plot of Eun Dae Gu (played spectacularly by Lee Seung Gi) and his determination to find and bring to justice the murderer of his mother, despite some slightly misguided beliefs regarding the events of the night she died.

As always with K-Dramas, there is also an on-going will-they-won’t-they romance story between Dae Gu and Soo Sun.


I love You’re All Surrounded and think it is a great drama to get into if you really aren’t sure if dramas are your thing. Much like Gapdong, it sidesteps some of the stereotypical K-Drama features. Unlike Gapdong, however, it does retain a style that is distinctly a K-drama. An example of this is how they handle the love plot-line, and the mistaken identity trope.

While it does have this mistaken identity trope as well as a number of other K-Drama tropes (The ‘failure’ son seeking redemption, corruption at the core of an institution, the feisty girl who just needs the right guy to tame her) it certainly doesn’t feel as trope heavy as something like Hotel King.

Another advantage to You’re All Surrounded is that because it is a comedic show it feels much easier to watch and less time intensive despite being the same running length as most dramas.


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