Spotlight on: EXO – Lotto


Song name: Lotto

Artist: EXO

Released: 17/08/2016

Label: SM Entertainment

EP/LP Name: Lotto (EX’ACT Repackage)


The song

The song is very Hip-hop influenced. With SM being so EDM orientated at the moment it is nice to hear something different from one their groups and the song is certainly catchy with a danceable beat however I am not sure how EXO going more Hip-Hop will feel for people outside the fandom who are unlikely to see them as credible, especially considering the traditional mocking EXO have gotten for their rapping.

That being said, they have satisfied me and no doubt their countless fans so that may be irrelevant.

The video

Continues a move into darker and more narrative based video begun with the last few releases from the group. This feels like the era that EXO are being allowed to ‘grow up’ and move on from Flower boys to the ‘older boygroup’ image. This feels like a sensible move particularly with Kpop moving away from some of the more bubblegum elements as Hip-Hop influences it more. Still just enough choreography to get me interested in the live performances and to show EXO at a strength of theirs. The boys seems surprisingly comfortable with this style of music video and it seems like a great way to showcase their talents and individuality more.

It will take time to see how this will affect fans, but their fan base are committed enough I don’t think it will hit them hard. If anything growing up with your fans might be a good way to keep a solid fan base rather than constantly trying to appeal to a new one.

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