The ‘Curse of 2014’ (Roundup of 2014’s major news!)

The ‘Curse of 2014’ is inescapable; forums, news sites and blogs are all blaming the ‘Curse’ for any number of terrible things that are happening or have happened in the Kpop sphere.

As a relative newcomer to the Kpop scene, (about 3 or 4 years since I started), I am unable to travel back in time and see for myself first hand how other years felt and it got me wondering – is this year really cursed, or do we just feel like that because it is what we are experiencing right now?

Even if this year is particularly terrible, is it fair to call it cursed, or are there other factors at play that would mean that this year particularly would be bad?

I don’t feel remotely qualified to come up with an answer, but a good place to start seemed to be to identify what has happened this year to bring ‘The curse of 2014’ meme into existence and cause people to hope their bias goes unscathed into the new year. (Plus, some of you can see all the stuff that has happened this year!)

Before I go on, I want to make it clear – I do not think all of these scandals and tragedies were made equal. We have had some truly terrible tragedies this year and some ‘scandals’ that have had most of us confused as to what we are supposed to be offended by. All these things, however, paint a picture of why the ‘Curse’ has become such a popular reference and so they will be here, side-by-side. Some of them I do not personally even see as bad things, but fandoms have been effected by them nonetheless.

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