Tag: Kdrama

K-Drama: My Secret Romance

A wealthy playboy meets an innocent girl and begins to fall in love for the first time.

K-Drama: Man to Man

A famous celebrity needs a bodyguard. He hires a mysterious man trained in special investigations and together they encounter many challenges and twists.

K-Drama: Unni Is Alive

Three very different women lose their loved ones and find friendship and help in each other,

K-Drama: Mystery Queen

A prosecutor's wife teams up with a police captain to solve crimes!

K-Drama: Chicago Typewriter

Something a bit different - 3 1930's writers are reincarnated in the modern day.

K-Drama: Whisper

A detective and judge team up to solve a case of corruption in a major law firm.

K-Drama: Tunnel

A brilliant detective from 1986 time-travels to the present to save his daughter.

K-Drama: The Liar and His Lover

A high school student with an amazing voice falls in love with a great composer.

K-Drama: Radiant Office

An office-based romcom, that sounds like it could be really funny! (Despite the dark start...)

K-Drama: Sea of the Woman

Set in the 60s-70s, a top student has to drop out and work instead of going to college.
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