The ‘Curse of 2014’ (Roundup of 2014’s major news!)

The ‘Curse of 2014’ is inescapable; forums, news sites and blogs are all blaming the ‘Curse’ for any number of terrible things that are happening or have happened in the Kpop sphere.

As a relative newcomer to the Kpop scene, (about 3 or 4 years since I started), I am unable to travel back in time and see for myself first hand how other years felt and it got me wondering – is this year really cursed, or do we just feel like that because it is what we are experiencing right now?

Even if this year is particularly terrible, is it fair to call it cursed, or are there other factors at play that would mean that this year particularly would be bad?

I don’t feel remotely qualified to come up with an answer, but a good place to start seemed to be to identify what has happened this year to bring ‘The curse of 2014’ meme into existence and cause people to hope their bias goes unscathed into the new year. (Plus, some of you can see all the stuff that has happened this year!)

Before I go on, I want to make it clear – I do not think all of these scandals and tragedies were made equal. We have had some truly terrible tragedies this year and some ‘scandals’ that have had most of us confused as to what we are supposed to be offended by. All these things, however, paint a picture of why the ‘Curse’ has become such a popular reference and so they will be here, side-by-side. Some of them I do not personally even see as bad things, but fandoms have been effected by them nonetheless.

Ladies’ Code car crash

For me, this is probably the saddest thing to happen. When news of this hit, we all saw the car accident headline and I’m sure many of us were ready to keyboard-warrior it up with angry comments about how many car accidents there have to be before something is done to prevent them.

Then we would have seen it. EunBi dead and two other members, Sojung and RiSe in critical condition. The forum threads and news articles on this were probably the most respectful I have ever seen International fans. For a few days, the whole Kpop community were agreed on one thing: We really wanted RiSe and Sojung to be OK – one death was enough for all of us. Unfortunately, it was not to be and RiSe also passed away after a number of attempted surgeries.  While many agreed this may have been better for her than the life she might have gone on to have with the severity of her injuries, no-one could deny they wished they could turn it back and undo it all.

Fans banded together to fulfill EunBi’s wish of a number one with ‘I’m Fine, Thank You’ and people were crying out for something to be done about driving safety in Korea.

We got the good news that Ashley, Zuny and Sojung would recover from their injuries although there would be a long journey ahead.

With the worst passed, the media and fans seemed to lose that respect. Clips of Ashley and Zuny at EunBi’s funeral are viewable on YouTube. I haven’t seen them and have no desire to pry into someone else’s grief, and of course blogs spewing vitriol about Ladies’ Code being illuminati sacrifices. Road safety was completely forgotten, other than some news outlets taking time out to express their glee that the manager will face charges for speeding.

Fan support of the girls fell through the floor when Polaris advised the girls intend to return to dorms when they are well. It would appear fans are only happy if the girls wear black the rest of their lives and sit on a balcony mourning.

I  for one think we support whatever these girls decide to go on to do and hope they find a way to not let their grief dictate their whole lives when they have so much left to give and receive.

By the time of the accident, the ‘Curse of 2014’ was already a thing and this was quickly acknowledged by fans who felt it had gone too far – the curse had no right to take a life.

So was this the Curse of 2014? Unfortunately, I don’t think I blame a curse for this one. Car accidents are FAR too common in South Korea. Not only are car accidents far too common, Kpop fans are pretty desensitized to Idols in car accidents – it happens all the time. K-Idols spend a lot of time in cars driving around schedules, so have more chance to crash. On top of that, they are usually tightly scheduled and their managers are under a lot of pressure to get them to scheduled items on time, so are often inclined to drive faster than is safe. It’s a dangerous cocktail of poor safety that has led to headline after headline of Idol car accidents. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before we had some fairly high profile Idol fatalities.

Although it certainly is the first Idol car accident fatality, a young lad died in a car accident with Daesung of Bigbang. The fallout of this accident has led to YG’s bitter feud with KBS.

On top of that, we have come pretty close to Idol fatalities before, including the crash that Secret were involved in that cut their ‘Talk That’ promotions short, as well as the Super Junior and TVXQ! accidents of previous years.

No curse guys – just a terrible road safety record.

Sewol Ferry Tragedy

I won’t delve too much into this one, as it isn’t strictly speaking a Kpop tragedy, but it did have a massive effect on the industry this year.

Firstly, another disclaimer: I DO NOT THINK THAT THE LOSS OF LIFE IS IN ANYWAY COMPARABLE TO AN EFFECT ON MY MUSIC LISTENING HABITS. Got that? Unfortunately, tragic though the incident was, it is undeniable that it really affected all types of groups and had knock-on effects throughout the year.

For those who managed to miss the story (because you were living under a rock on Mars at the time) ‘The Sewol Ferry Tragedy’ or ‘Sewol Ferry Disaster’ refers to the sinking of a ferry that was travelling from Incheon to the popular tourist destination of Jeju on the 16th of April 2014. During the sinking, 294 (figures vary from sources) people died and a further 10 bodies have yet to be recovered.

The impact of the tragedy was heightened, as the majority of the passengers on the ferry at the time were students on a High School trip. The tragedy’s impact has extended throughout the year with loose ends still there, following the trial and conviction of the captain in November 2014.

You may be wondering how this came to affect Kpop at all. At the time of the incident, all the networks suspended  their music and similar entertainment shows. After the sinking, all the networks decided to continue the embargo out of respect and due to a feeling it would be inappropriate to be airing happy smiling dancing people at this time. The networks chose to come back at varying points, however about a month was lost at least before this began to happen.

In a mixture of showing respect and the lack of avenues for promotion, a number of acts chose to delay releases at this time and, in some cases, cancelling their comebacks altogether. Possibly the most notable of these were Block B, who had already released the music video for Jackpot and had little slack time before concert schedules).

So was this the Curse? It isn’t the first tragedy of it’s kind and occurring in another country, it may not have had the impact. Kpop was affected primarily because of the way Korean culture responds to tragedy. We also need to factor in that the shipping industry in Korea may not be as tightly regulated as it could be.

It also feels to me to also be a little egotistical to think that if some curse was striking down Kpop it would kill over 300 people unrelated to the industry to strike.

However, disasters like this are not all that frequent in comparison to the smaller events attributed to the ‘Curse’, so arguably we can chalk this one up to the ‘Curse’ in  a way we can’t for the Ladies’ Code accident. While Korea’s response might have been culturally fairly inevitable, unlike the Ladies’ Code accident, there doesn’t feel like the same sense of inevitably about the disaster.

Leeteuk’s family tragedy

At the time of this one, the ‘Curse of 2014’ had yet to be born. But, with hindsight once the ‘Curse’ was coined, it was attributed to it fairly quickly. Whenever someone asks for a list of why 2014 has been so bad, this one gets the dubious of honour of coming near the top of the list.

On January the 6th of 2014 whilst Leeteuk (the charismatic leader of boyband Super Junior) was performing his military service, his father and grandparents were found dead. Initially it was reported as a car accident by SM, however it was later confirmed that Leeteuk’s father had tragically killed his parents before taking his own life. It was widely reported that he had been suffering from depression and financial problems for some time, whilst caring for his parents who both had dementia. Rather harshly, Leeteuk faced criticism for not having been a good enough son to prevent this (netizens can be mean).

As for the ‘Curse’, I can’t claim the bitter taste of suicide is unusual in Kpop and despite the unusual factor of the death of the grandparents, there have been a number of Kpop suicides over the years and this certainly isn’t a 2014 phenomenon.

South Korea has a terrible suicide rate, even more so when you take into account its OECD status. It’s not a curse – it’s a consequence of the poor quality of education relating to mental health and how it should be dealt with. Mix all that with the typical first world issues of an older population being supported by less children, so more pressure on the middle generations and you get a pretty toxic mix.

Much like the car accidents, this one isn’t so much a curse but a sad reality of modern Korea, at least for now.

Fan deaths at 4Minute performance

16 Fans died and 11 others were seriously injured in October of this year when at a 4Minute concert for a local festival, some fans chose to climb up on a grating (despite reportedly being asked not to) and falling 65 feet into an underground carpark below.

‘Curse’ or not? I personally would chalk this one up to human foolishness and herd mentality. It was clearly a grating and it was significantly raised and not remotely able to be construed as a walkway. I find it highly unlikely that something so clearly designed to not be walked on would be designed to hold that much weight, but people do silly and dangerous things in the crowds at festivals all the time the world over. It’s like the presence of so many excited people gives you strange sense of herd immunity. Festival incidents are a relatively common phenomenon and 2014 was just seeing its share. They remain tragic when they happen, but are not a new thing and I suspect 2015 will have its share too.

DalShabet car accident

On May the 23rd (so, long before the fatal Ladies’ Code accident) Subin of the girl group DalShabet was involved in a serious car accident. The van she was travelling in completely overturned and Subin was hospitalised for treatment of her injuries. Subin suffered damage to her hip and was unable to promote with DalShabet for a number of months.

As for the ‘Curse of  2014′, we covered this one with the Ladies’ Code accident. Car accidents in Kpop are relatively common and have been for a number of years, so it certainly isn’t exclusive to 2014.

DalShabet lung collapse

So, it’s not been a great year for DalShabet in terms of the ‘Curse’. On the 8th October this year, Woohee was hospitalised due to a collapsed lung.

It was a pre existing condition and on the 14th, Woohee had surgery that was successful.

All in all, unpleasant though it no doubt was for Woohee, this one seemed to be mostly media play and hyperbole hyped up by at this point by the media jumping onto the idea of the ‘Curse’.

So I’m labelling this one as not really as bad as was made out. No curse, not even really as bad as a number of media sites would have liked us to believe.

Kim Hyun Joong accidentally breaks girlfriend’s ribs

Ah yes, if it  wasn’t for the possible harm done to a human being, this would be the funniest news story of the year. On 12th August, news broke that a girl claiming to be Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend was filing domestic violence charges against him.

Dispatch being Dispatch, they got all up in this shizzle, and publish alleged proof of repeated occassions of assault.

Fan sites went a little crazy defending him, including one rather threatening blogger who unfortunately rewrote her post to make herself look less, well, insane – so unfortunately I can’t share the link with you. The pictures of fangirls holding posters telling him he could beat them were alarming enough all on their own.

To top off the fantastic-ness, on the 2nd of January his record label finally released a proper statement. In this remarkably well thought-out defense, he admitted hitting her once… but not repeatedly – so not domestic abuse. He also says that when he broke her ribs, they had just been playing around and he hadn’t even realised it.


Later in the month, the girl pulled her charges as he had apologised and that was all she wanted.

The police investigated the assault still, as he had basically confessed to it, but found (at this stage at least) not enough evidence to proceed.

Hyeri faints on stage

In a year of scandals relating to mismanagement of artists, Hyeri sparked alarm by fainting after a performance on M!Countdown in January of this year. It was reported afterwards that unfortunately Hyeri was suffering from flu, but had insisted on soldiering on. Whether this was the truth or not, we will probably never know.

Not a ‘Curse’ – hard working people working through sickness with dance routines put themselves at risk of exhaustion.

Krystal faints on stage

Not to be outdone, poor Krystal fainted onstage at F(x)’s performance for SMTOWN this year. Tests revealed nothing serious to be wrong, but it was enough to frighten the fans (and I would imagine Krystal too).

As for the ‘Curse’, the same applies to this as to the above Hyeri fainting.

Chanyeol ill on stage

The begining of December saw Chanyeol of Exo join the ranks of the ill-in-public when he rushed to sit down after a stage change and (possibly) was a little sick. At the time of writing this, no official explananation has come out. It could just be that he was feeling a bit hot and under the weather, but of course rumours of SM’s mismanagement of their artists has struck again!

Again, when stars get sick, they aren’t so easily able to take a sick day, sometimes they just have to power through it. On top of that, their jobs aren’t easy to do when ill. Not a ‘Curse’ (unless you mean the curse of celebrity-hood).

Lovelyz’ Ji Soo a rapist?

November saw the debut of new girl group ‘Lovelyz’ amidst some pretty aggresive scandal rumours.

Netizen rumours began to surface that member Seo Ji Soo was a lesbian and a rapist, having forced girls to have sexual contact with her, as well as being an all-round upleasant person and animal abuser.

She was accused of only getting to where she was to gain access to the members of Infinite, who she apparently wanted to rape.

The internet were quick to blame her, sentence her and generally be vile towards her. She was pulled from promoting with the group for now and spent time in hospital to deal with the accusations. Generally, it would seem her life is pretty ruined.

Meanwhile, investigating it so far, the police don’t seem to have found any suggestion the actually illegal parts of the stories are true and have been rounding up the people who spread the rumours.

To top it off, almost all of the ‘proof’ posted by  these people was found to be from porn sites and publicly posted images of Ji Soo.  

This one isn’t the ‘Curse’. The crowd of netizens are always baying for blood, hence why so many netizen translation sites can stay running.

Hyoyeon domestic abuse/suicide scandal

So happening on April 1st (or coming to light on April 1st, I should say) probably didn’t help people process this right. Hyoyeon’s alleged ex-boyfriend reported her to the police for hitting him. Rumours abound regarding this, including his assertion that he did this to protect her, as she was at the time threatening to jump from a second floor window.

For a couple of days the rumour mill was grinding at full speed, then this story kind of disappeared, but not before fans had taken their hatred out on the guy.

I don’t think I’ll chalk this up as the ‘Curse’, it’s just a very weird situation.

Seungri’s car accident

So Seungri is an expert at doing bloody stupid things, but swerving across two lanes of traffic and hitting a barrier at a fair speed might his stupidest yet. Especially happening not too long after the Ladies’ Code accident, at 3 in the morning, after a party.


So Seungri was adamant he was fine after the incident and went home, but was later admitted into hospital for some liver bleeding. At the time, it was reported that he had killed a boy, as a young boy had unfortunately been killed in a road accident that night, but it wasn’t Seungri’s.

Following the incident, it would seem he has wisely been lying low. He denies drink driving, although it is quite possible he fell asleep at the wheel, based on a following vehicle’s dashcam footage that has been released.

This one isn’t the ‘Curse’. All the above comments about driving in Korea, standing alongside Seungri being (at best) a very silly boy, make this one just a statistically likely event.

Institutionalised sex abuse scandal

So this was a nasty one this year. The ‘casting couch’ is hardly a new phenomenon, but the Kpop production machine adds a sinister element to it.

In Kpop, the girls and boys are usually recruited at a relatively young age and go into training. Their record labels become their guardians and the trainees are contractually obligated to them, as well as fairly dependent on them. So the suggestion that these people in positions of authority and trust are confronting these girls and boys with sexual abuse is a little more unpleasant than the average sleeping-your-way-to-the-top story. Add to that the suggestion that these youngsters are effectively being pimped out and it leaves a bitter taste in almost anyone’s mouth.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we can call these part of a ‘Curse’. The story is an age old one repeated the world over. Sad, sick and wrong but it’s just coincidence that it came to light this year. Kpop is a relatively young industry in it’s current form and it had probably been boiling to the surface for a while. The industry has also opened up to more labels, therefore more likelihood of bad (and good) stuff happening.

Prostitution ring scandal

So as well as the instituionalised sex abuse scandal, Korea was rocked by a prostituion ring scandal. Primarily affecting actresses, the news was intitially reported with no names. However, speculation was rife and a bunch of big name actresses including Lee Da Hae were implicated with no cause and launched legal action to clear their names.

It turned out that there was no basis for most of the claims and the stars involved were much smaller names than the blog and news sites would have liked us to believe.

Girl groups confirmed to have acted as escorts (not sexual) even once debuted

A bit of a non-starter of a story – an unanmed girl group were confirmed to have worked as escorts pre-debut and liked the money so much that they continued post-debut.

My clickbait-sense is tingling on this one and I suspect that the group may not be as A-list as the articles claimed.

Bom’s ‘drug scandal’

It was unveiled that 4-ish years ago, Park Bom was investigated for drug smuggling. She had had sent to her the amphetamines that she was prescribed while in the US for her depression. Unfortunately, they are a restricted substance in Korea. She was investigated at the time and, in accordance with precedent set in other cases, she was let off as she had a prescription in the US, it was for her own use and it was a first offence.

South Korea it would seem, does not understand mental illness and she has now been labelled a drug addict by all of Korea who also think she does so many drugs and YG secretly runs the country.

This isn’t the ‘Curse’, this is South Korea’s terrible ability to deal with depression mixed in with their paranoia about corruption.

Sorry if I haven’t commented much on this one, but I am aware of how strongly I feel on this one and would rather not offend people.

BAP lawsuit

This one is fairly new story. Earlier in the year, we were leaked a news story about a boy group preparing to sue their company.

BAP then at the last minute cancelled their South American tour for rest time and then…SUE THE LABEL time!

Check out our two stories HERE!

GLAM’s Dahee blackmail scandal

GLAM’s Dahee and her friend committed the world’s worst attempt at blackmail against Lee Byung Hun. OK, so he was a bit of a scumball to his wife in all this, but he turned them straight in.

Dahee submitted more than 9 letters of apology to the court. This isn’t the ‘Curse’, just a greedy person who had had a little taste of success and wanted more.

Cha Seung Won – you are NOT the father

Despite all the legal troubles his eldest son has gotten into, Cha Seung Won has never denied being his father. Except that this year it turned out he isn’t and the boy was born before he married his wife (who is a divorcee). How did this come to light? The biological father randomly decided to sue after 22 years, as he believes his legal rights have been violated.

‘Curse’? Nope, some people are just scumbags.

Kara’s new member nearly causes a boycott

Kara held a show, Baby Kara, to pick new member(s) (they were hazy on that point) to replace the ones who had left. To fans, this was world-shattering and they threatened to boycott Kara if it went ahead. It did, the world didn’t stop turning, and in fact new member Young ji is proving to have her own popularity.

If this was the ‘Curse’, it did a terrible job.

Red Velvet glorify bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Apparently they didn’t realise they had used newspaper clippings of the American response to the dropping of the two nuclear bombs. Needless to say it was removed, although with the number of column inches earned in Red Velvet’s name made many doubt the ‘accidentalness’ of it all.

Accidents by silly artists happen all the time, as do publicity stunts… either way, not a ‘Curse’.

Mr. Mr and Come Back Home videos delayed

In January, SNSD and 2NE1 were due to go head to head. Then SNSD’s music video got deleted and they apparently lost a bunch of it. Then, conveniently, 2NE1’s video was also delayed and they were back up against each other. Not so much a ‘Curse’ and more of a media play between the two companies, I personally believe!


‘That’ Kemy diss track

Kemy of rookie group A.Kor released a diss track about Park Bom. She attacked her drug use and plastic surgery. Firstly, diss tracks are established hip hop back and forth FOR RAPPERS. Kemy chose to target someone outside that sphere, and then targeted them over their mental illness and their insecurities. You don’t look badass Kemy – you look like a spoiled child.

No ‘Curse’ here – just a silly, insensitive publicity stunt that I should hope she is ashamed of. I doubt it though… the girl doesn’t seem bright enough.

Ze:a’s leader goes a bit mental on Twitter

(Taken from our very own post on this!)

So the saga unfolding is pretty complicated.

The leader of boygroup ZE:A who are under the agency Star Empire (along with 9Muses, Jewelry and ZE:A – not to be confused with Starship who are home to Sistar) has taken to his twitter (@ZEA_leader) to criticise the CEO and the company.

The posts are pretty long and rambling and the translation quality is quite poor. The general gist is that, at best, the company has been treating its artists pretty poorly and at worst, actually abusing them.

Due to the  story breaking shortly after a story claiming sexual abuse is endemic in the Kpop industry, there have been rumours that it relates to that, but there has been no confirmation and it remains speculation amongst netizens.

The original tweets alluded to a horrible situation the group were in and also referenced the MMA fight one of his band members was involved in.

His bandmate, Taeheon, was due to debut as an MMA fighter against another rookie fighter, but this was cancelled and he instead debuted against veteran fighter Tanaka for Tanaka’s retirement fight. Taehon was basically kicked around like a rag doll and ended up in hospital.

He also references having wanted to kill himself and warning the CEO not to ‘cross that line’. He mentions that if his profile etc disappears, then that is the company interfering and blocking him off.

These tweets were later deleted and he posted a plea for search portals to keep his message out there and if they did, when the day was out, he would begin revealing the truth about the company. He also warned off other companies, stating that if they got involved, then he would reveal their secrets too.

We have since had the start of these tweets, which talk about the financial split of their earnings being 70% to the company and 30% split between the members of the group. It also talks about how, when he broke his leg on a variety show, it was due to undue pressure at the filming and then having to lie and claim he injured himself practicing. He also mentions his biggest fear being the hospital bills, implying the company may have either made him pay them himself or made him feel like this was a possibility.

His final sentence announces he is now going to try and sort things with his CEO.

These tweets have prompted netizens to wonder what exactly is going on, especially when partnered with the rumours of the CEO’s link to the mob and the now infamous moment when the CEO slapped Sera on 9Muses’ reality show.

UPDATE: Lee Hoo (Junyoung) has now announced that they are now in charge of SE (although that could be a poor translation and they may just be self managing under Stardom Entertainment rather than the new CEOs). The old CEO will now be getting 30% of their earnings and them 70%. He has said he will sit on the information he could expose but has warned other companies to improve the way they deal with their artists.

UPDATE 2: Lee Hoo appears to be getting some flack for not coming clean with the information, especially if he is covering for something illegal and has release a series of tweets explaining his choice of position.

UPDATE 3: The company have released a statement about what is going to happen that doesn’t appear as extensive as the changes Lee Hoo mentioned.

UPDATE 4: Lee Hoo has said if enough netizens support him he will wage war on the companies, he has asked fans to show their support for this by replying to the tweet with their name and phone numbers. Understandably people are uncomfortable with this, and some people are a little concerned about Lee Hoo.

Kris leaves Exo

Kris exited Exo at the start of Overdose promotions. This is probably the event that really got things started. It later emerged that it may be linked to Kris finding out he had a heart condition that can lead to sudden death.

The fans (and the members of Exo) were quick to take sides, mostly hating Kris for what he had done. The lawsuit is still ongoing. Meanwhile, Kris is working in China (not for SM though).

This one really isn’t a ‘Curse’, it isn’t even the first time Kris has disappeared! It has however opened up a discussion about working conditions on Kpop which could even be a good thing!

Luhan leaves Exo

Not long after Kris left, Luhan followed suit… although his seems to be a more simple case of just wanting out rather than a ‘Curse’!

SNSD become  8

SNSD signed new 3 year contracts this year. Shortly afterwards, the members voted to butt Jessica out.

Jessica acted super hurt, seemingly mostly because she was worried about the effect on her new brands. She seems ok now she realises she can still make money alone.

Seems like a simple case of people wanting to go different ways, although any number of fan sites will tell you a different story.

Sulli causes F(x) promos to halt

After the whole Sulli dating scandal (covered later), Red Light happened and it was beautiful and good. Then Sulli was ill and I didn’t even notice her missing from performances and yet for some reason when she announced her hiatus (due to being sick of malicious rumours) promotions stopped anyway.

Not a ‘Curse’ I don’t think, just a crazy management decision from SM. I was surprised to see fans crucify Kris from EXO for affecting performances but defend Sulli’s actions though.

Thunder and Lee Joon leave MBLAQ

So, firstly it was announced they were leaving, then they were leaving the label but continuing with MBLAQ, then toward the end of December, Thunder confirmed he WOULD be leaving to focus on his studies and Lee Joon WOULD be leaving to focus on his acting.

Member changes and band splits happen every year, so clearly not a ‘Curse’. Plus I ain’t mad at potentially seeing more acting from Lee Joon after Gapdong!

9Muses fall apart

This is a sad one, but 9Muses have shed members since they existed, so shedding a few more this year is no curse for them, just standard operating procedure. That said, Rye Sera will be a big loss for them. But, they are due to comeback in January with new members, so we will see.

Hello Venus lose members

Ara and Yoonjoo left Hello Venus, but before we rush to claim this in the name of the ‘Curse’, they did have a moderately successful comeback with Sticky Sticky and a popular dance practice video of ‘Wiggle’ afterward. I think they will be ok!

Cheska leaves Fiestar

I actually didn’t see anyone attribute this to the ‘Curse’, but I didn’t want Cheska to be left out. Before Fiestar’s sexually charged song about a threesome (that apparently the censors missed until viewers pointed it out), Cheska exited stage left.

Kiss and Cry break up

Rookie girl group Kiss and Cry debuted this year and broke up before the year was out.

Not the ‘Curse’ guys – this happens every year, we just aren’t so used to it now that so much is invested before they even debut, plus most groups are under contracts where this wouldn’t be an option.

Taeyeon/Baekhyun dating

EVERYONE FROM GG IS DATING, PANIC!! So Yoona and Lee Seungi is ok because they are the nation’s sweethearts. How DARE Taeyeon think she can date. And the age gap… anyone would think Taeyeon is 40 the way fans are going on about it.


There, that should upset someone who deserves it.

Tiffany/Nichun dating

Tiffany of GG/SNSD is dating Nichun of 2PM. So two attractive people in the same industry of reasonably similar age are dating.

Not a ‘Curse’, I wish them both well, apart or separate. Young Kpop fans maybe have an excuse, but older (especially I-fans) fans need to get a grip!

G-Dragon and Miko (again)

I won’t even dignify this with much writing. G-Dragon is probably dating Miko agian. YG refuses to comment on it as he is focusing on the label’s upcoming concerts, (as opposed to GD’s sex life). Good on ‘im. If only he were as liberal with his female stars.

Sulli dating Choiza

Choiza’s (a name that means ‘Big Dick’… stay classy) wallet was found with a picture of Sulli from F(x) in it. Fans exploded, labels denied it. Then it all turned out to be true. Rumours flew regarding pregnancy and inappropriate behaviour. This was heavily linked by fans to Sulli’s hiatus making it one of the few dating rumours that potentially really affected fans.

Not a ‘Curse’, people date. People lose wallets. Some people need to get over it.

(Seriously though Sulli, Choiza?)

So back to my original point, is 2014 cursed?

Looking at all these events it seems to me the ‘Curse of 2014’ is most definitely not real. A lot of the events are similar to scandals from years gone by. I do think with the rise of Hallyu and the international media eye on Kpop being bigger than ever, that we are more exposed to what is happening. So many sites all competing for clicks, ever ready to report everything that happens in as much detail as possible. With [Breaking] news threads, live update threads and a large forum space for people to share, the inevitable consequence is that nothing slides by quietly anymore and quite often the media scrum will make issues seem far larger than they truly are.

With dating scandals, etc., I think that rather than a ‘Curse’, we are witnessing the effect of a cultural shift. Depending on your point of view, the change in attitudes could be a curse itself, but it would seem to just be the natural evolution of the fast developing South Korean culture.

Any events I have missed out that you think I should have included? Let me know in the comments below and I will update the post!



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