The Mama awards Round-Up (Reactions and interactions)

The Mama Awards is so much more than just the awards and performances! I was going to find all the reactions and funny moments I could, but the internet has shown me that you have all done a much better job than I ever could, so here are some of the best of the things I have come across regarding reactions, interactions and downright funny things during this year’s MAMA Awards.


First up, a compilation of funny moments in MAMA 2015!

As ever, lots of your faves reacting to other peoples stages!

TTS reacting to Big Bang:

EXO react to Big Bang:

Some reactions to Psy:

MNET man and Twice react to iKon and SanE:

Big Bang and EXO  react to iKon

Need that interaction in HD? Sure thing:

Twice and Got7 react to JYP:

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