Tony Moly Mascara (Green/Length and Curl)

It’s time for another beauty prodcut review, and this time it’s a make up product. Today’s review is actually of the mascara I am currently using and it the Tony Moly ‘Delight’ Mascara.

This mascara actually comes in 3 varities, each with a different colour packaging and a slightly different purpose.

Green – Has a curled brush and aims to curl and lengthen.

Pink – Aims to add volume.

Yellow – Is transparent to shape and gloss.

Today I’m looking at the green, when you open you are confronted with a very curved brush and the mascara itself does have a slight tendency to clump at the ends.


Once put on, one coat is enough to show significantly longer lashes. They have a nice curl on me but as my lashes are so non-exsistant to start with it is hard to see if there is a notable improvement to the curve.

With these ‘specialised’ mascaras, one flaw seems to be that while it does it’s job very well, it isn’t very volumising at all. It’s not a bad thing as such but a minor annoyance for me as I have such rubbish lashes to start with. That being said this mascara has worn well with both day and evening looks.

You can check out my vlog on this product below:

If you like the look of the product you can but it from my store!

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