Yoochun is getting married

So today I woke up to some truly unexpected news. Yoochun is getting married. Despite some initial confusion about how out-of-the-blue this announcement was C-JeS entertainment were quick to confirm it as true. Speculation abounded that it was Namyang Dairy Products grandaughter Hwang Ha Na as she appeared to fit the bill, however, the person assumed to Hwang Ha Na took to social media to deny the rumours and ask to be left alone.

To add to the confusion, the social media user was also denying being a blog writer/shopping mall owner leaving some people to wonder if perhaps he IS marrying Hwang Ha Na and that was not who was being attacked on SNS.

This seemed like it answered all questions, especially when C-JeS further clarified that Yoochun is Marrying Hwang Ha Na when he leaves the military. A further spanner was thrown in the works when Namyang Dairy issued a statement saying they had no knowledge of and upcoming marriage.

Keep an eye out for any updates!!

UPDATE: This is now causing an issue with Yoochun’s service. He is fulfilling his service as a public service employee and now his place of work is having a lot of unexpected media following.

Understandably most of the fan response is shocked, with a few people showing extra surprise as – despite his name being cleared- no-one seemed to expect him to overcome the scandal from last year so quickly.



Source:(Naver, Naver)

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